Cash flow strategies for retired clients

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Cash flow management in retirement is particularly important. As clients begin to draw income from their nest egg, the right strategy can better control the pace of decumulation. A behaviour-based approach can also reduce financial pressures and uncertainty for clients who are relying on their own assets to maintain their lifestyle once they stop working full time.


Join us to find out more about unique and powerful cash flow strategies that can protect your client’s health, wealth and support a sustainable retirement for all.

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Stephanie Holmes-Winton

Stephanie Holmes-Winton is the CEO and Founder of CacheFlo. The concepts that CacheFlo’s products are based on were developed during her decade working as an independent financial advisor from 2001 to 2011. She then sold her practice and took her concept to start a training program for other advisors.


In 2013, Stephanie launched the Certified Cash Flow Specialist designation program (which qualifies for 31 FP Canada-Approved CE credits). Soon after came the original version of the professional cash flow planning software. Stephanie has written two books on spending and debt: Defusing the Debt Bomb, and $pent. She’s also been a regular contributor in media, including CBC Radio and CTV, and her advice has been featured in publications from coast to coast.